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Advanced Targeting

Advanced Targeting

Reach users on selected hours, days, periods, operating systems et cetera. Increase, decrease and pause campaigns. Manage your ads whenever you want. Make every click count.

Detailed statistics

Detailed Statistics

Every user receives our advanced statistic and detailed traffic reports for free. Statistics are available through your personal dashboard as well. Decide in real time what startegy suits your needs best.

Fair Value

Best Support

Need help in figuring out which strategy is best? Do you run into problems which you need help with? Our support team is there for you. Seven days a week. Just send us a message from your dashboard.






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National? Global? In a handful of countries? We can promote your business anywhere. Ads can be dripped all year round, or pushed heavily in order to reach as many people as possible in a very short time.

Manage all your campaigns 24/7, and channel your ads through a rapidly expanding network of websites and publishing places where our visitors are your potential clients. Pay per impression, click or day, and discover how effective your advertising budget can be used.

Adcatraz: we keep attention captured

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A good publishing place does not just attract a substantial number of visitors. More important than sheer numbers are the people behind it. Does your website or platform target a specific audience? People with a shared interest, or perhaps a certain age?

The more precise we can target our ads, the better. Does your website or platform reach an average of 25,000 people per day or more? Then join us. We offer a handsome commission, fast payouts, and a 24/7 helpdesk that will be there for you to help you get the most out of your promotional activities.

Help us keeping attention captured.

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