Terms & Conditions

Our platform delivers the technology and structure needed to show ads posted by advertisers on various websites. The use of our platform is available to any business or person, as long as posted ads comply with our terms and conditions. These terms and conditions apply to ads as well as advertisers, and where in any way, shape or form our terms and conditions do not comply with national or international law the applicable national or international law will prevail.

1 - Forbidden ads
It is forbiden to post ads which maye be considered or are racist, promoting illegal services or goods, pornographic or in any other way in conflict with laws. With the exception of websites and platforms dedicated to erotic content explicit images and texts are not to be used in ads on any website or platform, as people of all ages may visit aforementioned platforms and websites.

9 - Payments
9.1 - All payments are payable in euro,
9.2 - In order to keep ou rates low ads can only be posted when advertiser has sufficient funds in his or her account. Funds can be added to an account by buying a credit-package. A link to purchase credits is shown in the dashboard of the advertiser.

12 - CPM based campaigns
If a campaign is ran based on a CPM-rate, in case of a below average CTR adcatraz.com will, if the CTR is 35% or more below the average CTR, run the same campaign again at no cost to advertiser.

13 - Conflicts
In case a conflict arises which can not be resolved amicably between adcatraz.com and an advertiser any and all disputes will be put before a court in The Hague, The Netherlands.